Mummy’s Month

Being a parent is a wonderful crazy job. One of my main purpose in life, is to be able to give the best that I can give to my son alongside my husband. Best in giving my unconditional love, patience and understanding. Having an active little one that takes a lot of your daily energy to keep up with his needs isn’t an easy task. You cope and learn as you go along as there’s no book to follow a recipe of looking and loving a little individual. Hence, when you encounter others who don’ understand of you having an active child, you as a human being gets up and stands up for your child. I remember, when we’re in the park, a little boy was learning to use a slide and next to him was another older boy who’s been making funny face and sounds to the little one and when the little one’s dad saw him, he set boundaries to the bigger boy to stop as he’s looking after his little one.If, the dad is setting boundaries to the little boy of how he treats a younger child then more should an adult be educated on how to treat other children around them. Its tough, because people find it hard to accept their mistakes and say sorry, but who will stand for our little ones if we don’t do that for them. Having a crazy wonderful day is tiring but rewarding. And as my relaxation from busy work and family life, I try my best to maintain my home and gift online shop and this serves as my self-regulation in life. 


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