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I’m a nurse entrepreneur, empowering other people’s lives through their emotional, mental and physical aspects of life which you called a holistic being of an individual. In spite of my tender loving care duties and responsibilities at work, I run my online business with full enthusiasm and inspiration. These two different aspects of my life gives me the feeling of fulfilment in my everyday life. I empower other people’s emotions, behaviour and holistic well-being by being positive in every struggle of life. Life is too short to focus on things that will pull as down but life is too beautiful that we should be grateful to the little but big things we have. Looking at colourful things in our lives gives us better insight as to what we have and less focus as to what we don’t have. Home is one of the many countless blessings that we have. Like our life, our homes should be well appreciated and loved as this reflects our pride and appreciation of what we have. My passion in style and decorating gives me time to digest and express of the beautiful things that I can choose and encourage others to appreciate. When I scrutinise of the items I will sell online, I gain joy and happiness as it keeps my mind relax looking at these beautiful things that I could share to catch others interests. The beautiful things we have in our home gives meaning to our own tastes, enjoyment and fulfilment. Choosing and combining themes, colours, furnitures, furnishings like curtains and beddings have always been a part of our routine when we talk about our own home. Carefully choosing of the things we want gives our home warmth and love. When we acknowledge the things we love, we give ourselves fulfilment and happiness. We give ourselves a chance to achieve simple happiness. As we empower ourselves, we empower our life and home. 


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