Life is colourful and beautiful

I have started my online business to have more time with my son and luckily I got the audience and lovers of the things I love to sell and that’s the colourful tastes and choices, mainly textiles items. It wasn’t easy with the trial and error of which ones will sell. I started to fell in love with all these textiles colours and it made me felt relaxed as I kept on doing it and at the same time people kept on loving buying it. What I found is focusing on your passion gives you that sense of relaxation. No matter how busy life is, it makes you feel happier. This is what you call sensory regulation, when you’re performing activities that relaxes your mind and body, having a feel of the world around you. Therefore, it helps you perform in a better way in every aspect of your duties during the day. My aim was to work less and spend more time with my family and as it is, I’m slowly getting there. Life is beautiful and colourful.  


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